Information security is vital to a company's operations. Any loss of confidential information could result in substantial loss to the company. Consisting of fourteen modules, IP-guard is equipped to comprehensively protect your confidential information, monitor employee computer activities and manage your IT assets with central control.
Protect Information Security
IP-guard not only records document operations and protects information from illegal transfer but also automatically encrypts information. Only authorized files can be used or operated on.
Increase Productivity
IP-guard provides statistics and analysis reports of application usage as well as browsing behavior. Furthermore, it manages the network bandwidth and monitors employees' activities so as to optimize resource utilization and enhance employees' work efficiency.
Reduce Cost of Asset Management
IP-guard automatically gathers IT asset information. Patches can be installed and vulnerabilities can be scanned automatically. The software distribution function can distribute third party software to agent computers. With IP-guard, administrators can manage IT assets with ease.
Realize Remote Management
IP-guard supports remote control and assists multinational organizations to manage the operation of their branches. In addition, it requires no special communication protocol for agents with its adaptability to various network structures.
Achieve Centralized Management
IP-guard enables administrators to centrally create security policies and it executes those policies automatically and compulsively without affecting user operations.