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device management
Device Control

    Define rights of client devices

  • Storage: floppy disk, CD-ROM, CD burner, tape drive, and removable devices (USB drive, removable hard disk, memory stick, memory card, MO, Zip), etc.
  • Communication: serial port, parallel port, USB controller, SCSI controller, 1394 controller, Infrared, PCMICA, Blue Tooth, MODEM, Direct connection (serial port, parallel port, USB), dial-up connection, etc.
  • USB: USB keyboard, USB mouse, USB Modem, USB image device, USB CD-ROM, USB storage, USB hard disk, USB network card, etc.
  • Network: wireless network card, PnP network card, USB PCMICA, virtual CD-ROM and virtual network card
  • Others: Audio devices, virtual CD-ROM, etc.